Multi B Target Plus Serum 30ml


Formulated with Niacinamide, a potent Vitamin B complex and a blend of plant extracts. This essential serum helps to clarify and fortify overall appearance of skin.

Application: Morning & Night

Performance Ingredients:

Niacinamide | Vitamin B3 to nurture stressed skin and aid in recovery.

Vitamin B Complex | A rejuvenating blend of B Vitamins.

Marine Plant and Peptide Blend | Calming and soothing properties that help support the skin barrier function.

Canadian WillowherbTM Extract | A comforting antioxidant.

AspectTM Signature Blend | Certified organic Australian superfood complex.



Suitable for

  • All skin types
  • All skin conditions

Directions: Dispense 1 pump and apply to skin after cleansing. May be cocktailed with other Aspect DrTM serums to turbo-charge any skincare regime.