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Dominique Lieder Cosmetic Nurse Blush Injectables Portrait

Dominique Lieder RN PGDIP

Dominique is a Registered Nurse and Beauty Therapist, with specialist training and experience in Cosmetic and Appearance Medicine. Throughout her nursing career, Dominique has worked alongside some of New Zealand’s leading surgeons and consultants in a range of speciality areas, in one of New Zealand’s leading private hospitals. Prior to her career in nursing, Dominique worked for 10 years in beauty therapy, where she provided tailored treatments to help clients enhance their natural beauty.

With her combined background in nursing and beauty therapy, she naturally decided to specialise in Cosmetic and Appearance Medicine. She trained in cosmetic injectable treatments under the guidance of Dr Brandon Hitchcock (BchB FRACS) and Sonia Moynan (RNFSA). Dr Brandon Hitchcock is a Facial Plastic Surgeon and an Otolaryngologist. Sonia Moynan is his Registered Nurse and Practice Manager with a wealth of experience in Cosmetic and Appearance Medicine. Dominique continues work alongside these leading experts, utilising the latest techniques and the most highly regarded treatments to achieve exceptional results for her clients.

Dominique established Blush Injectables to provide cosmetic injectable treatments to clients in the Whakatane area. Blush Injectables use the highest quality, clinically proven products to enhance your appearance. Dominique works with you to develop a personalised treatment plan to achieve a natural youthful result.